Our Sister Company – Dore Aesthetics Reviews

Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Ashley Goh

Went to try their free trial fat freezing treatment, I was amazed and shocked that this treatment really able to help reduce my belly fat. I have tried to work out and run every week at least once but I don’t really see that my belly get slimmer. It was really hard for me to reduce my belly fat! But this treatment is really effective in reducing the stubborn fat in my belly! Highly recommend their fat freezing treatment!!! The therapist is very friendly and professional. Consultant is nice and not pushy for sales.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Kim Jun Hong

Thank you for the wonderful treatments. It’s one of the best I’ve had. Excellent service!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jessica.F

Treatment and service are excellent. Best of all their packages are affordable! Have recommend many of my friends to try their treatment


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Angelica Facundo

Treatment was good! Personally, I feel that my skin condition has improved. I don’t feel that my skin is dry anymore even after a few weeks.Sales consultant was not pushy at all. Hope that my skin condition will continue to improve further after few more sessions..


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Mindy Hua

Staff is skillfull. Service is good enough.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Joy Molina

I like how effective and fast their fat removal treatment is in reducing my thigh fats!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Kristina Caydi

Experience is nice! I see visible results after few sessions.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Colin Ng

Overall experience was good. Staff was nice and polite, consultant explained the procedures clearly and there was no hard sell.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jade Lee

Tried their dark eye removal treatment. The results is very fantastic, my eyes look less puffy and brighter after the treatment.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jean Toh

Previously, I did my hair removal with another aesthetics centre, the hair removal treatment was really painful to me that’s why I decided to find another aesthetic centre for my hair removal. Glad that I found Dore Aesthetics! After the 3rd session, my hair is thinner, finer and it doesn’t feel pain at all. Highly recommend their hair removal treatment!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jolene Loh

Visited Dore Aesthetic last week for the pigmentation free trial, it was great! My friend even compliment my skin conditions have improved a lot.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jo Tan

Did underarm whitening treatment, the experience was good. My consultant, Selina was very professional, she explained my current conditions and how the treatment will help. It was really detailed, she wasn’t pushy and there isnt any hard selling compare to other aesthetics centre.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Sarah Chen

The outlet look very nice! I love the ambience, the staff there are very polite. Overall experience is good!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Priscilla Lee

I went for their pore minimizer free trial, experience was excellent!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Rosely Teo

My friend recommended me to tried their hair removal free trial. It is really effective and totally painless!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Cathy Li

Came to Dore Aesthetics for acne treatment consultation, Elyse my consultant is very knowledgeable in explaining my conditions and the various treatments suitable for me. Great experience!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Jeannie Cheng

Saw their Facebook underarm whitening treatment advertisement, went to try it. The treatment is totally painless and very effective! Amazed by the after treatment results!!!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Gwen Toh

Love their acne scar removal treatment, it has help me to remove alot of my acne scars and it’s significantly less painful compared to other aesthetic centre that i have tired.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by James Tan

After 5 session of their pore minimizer treatment, my pores size are really smaller and my skin condition is so much better. And their treatment is very affordable.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Kate Lee

Was shock when I visited Dore Aesthetic, the outlet look gorgeous and grand! Sandra, my consultant was very nice and knowledgeable, get to understand my skin condition from her. She also advise on how to handle my acne issues.


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Charlotte

Dore Aesthetics uses top of the line equipment, all machines are so advanced. It was my first time to undergoing fat freezing machine and the results is SUPERB!


Dore Aesthetics Reviews by Grant Peh

I didn’t expect the fat freezing treatment to be that good! Just after the free trial treatment I can see my arm got thinner, the fats has reduced!


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